Hey guys, I have some Mighty Muggs left over from when I collected them a couple years ago, not really interested in them any more and could really use the money for numerous reasons.

Other than Count Dooku, they are all brand new in box.


Unfortunately this is the only picture I have, and not every one in the picture is avaible. The ones that are available are:

-Count Dooku - $10
-Duke - $15
-Bumblebee - $15
-Captain Rex - $15
-Darth Revan - $15
-Darth Maul - $15
-Biggs Darklighter - $15

Prices are listed above, or you can take all 7 for $70. They look great on display and young kids love them as toys, can also make a great last minute Christmas gift.

If interested please PM me or leave a reply. Please note that I will be out of town from Thursday December 20th - Saturday December 23rd, I should have internet access but will not have the speediest replies.

Trades for airsoft related items will be considered.