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Thread: Game Night: Sign Up [Friday] Aug 7th - 6PM at Panther Field

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    Game Night: Sign Up [Friday] Aug 7th - 6PM at Panther Field

    Friday Night Game at Panther Field

    Hello Everyone!

    We are hosting our night game and plan to host every 2 weeks on a Friday. Info below:

    1800 : Rendezvous at Location listed above
    1830 : Register
    1900 : Safety Briefing / Games
    2100 : 1st Break
    2130 : Games
    2330 : 2nd Break
    0000 : Games
    0100 : Game End

    Find the ASG Signage board and register in at table.
    $25 per person (Cash Preferred, Debit/Visa accepted)
    Panther Black/Gold Paid Members (Pls msg us as your discount will vary)

    Equipment requirements
    1. Bring a flashlight (incase you get lost)
    2. Bring a red light/beacon (to indicate you are dead)
    3. Rain gear/warm clothes (for cold/wet preparation)

    Due to Covid restrictions, only limited options will be available
    Food & Drinks will be available for purchase throughout the night

    Not available

    1. Be prepared for the rain/cold. Dress accordingly
    2. Have water incase the heat picks up
    3. Bring extra batteries

    1. Paintball, ballistic, or safety work approved goggles (ASTM F1776-09).
    2. Approved barrel bag/condoms must be on your front muzzles in the safety zone at all time.
    3. Games will proceed in all weather conditions.
    4. Ensure that you have read and understood the rules before attending a game.

    - Muzzle-velocity limits in feet per second using 0.20g BBs.
    - AEG full auto: 400(MED 40 feet)
    - AEG DMR semi auto only: 450 (MED 60 feet)
    - Bolt action Sniper rifle: 500 (MED 100 feet)
    - Sidearms: 330

    19022 16th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3A 4N4 ‎
    (604) 533-0890

    Map Reference:

    Safe Zone
    Approved goggles & barrel bag condoms
    No mags in guns / hand guns holstered
    No firing in safe zone

    Under 20 ft semi auto fire only
    Over 400fps mandatory second weapons

    No excessive fire
    Try aim body mass, not head or crotch
    Mercy kill behind not challengable

    Yell hit, loud, clear
    When dead, turn on red kill light and/ weapons/hands in the air
    Dead men tell no tales

    "Gun safe"
    Stop playing, mag out, barrel bag on, pass onto others
    First aid, let people know

    Honour & Respect Game
    Don't be a dick
    Introduce/Meet Field marshals
    Not calling hits / cheating / issue tell FM
    Suspension will be given for the day if deemed so

    New players (2 games less / new field ) see Optix for debrief

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    Required Items To Bring
    1) Flash light (bright enough to see the ground in front of you)

    2) Red static/blinking light beacon / Red Glowstick / Red Flashlight (ie. bicyle rear light > to indicate you are a dead player in the game)

    3) Extra set of clothes/warm clothes (incase it rains and/or gets cold > weather forecast for evening is 12 degrees)

    Night Game Etiquette
    1) When you're hit, turn on your red light beacon

    2) When you're dead walking back to your respawn/stepping out of game, shine your light to the ground ONLY

    3) When you're alive, don't shine your light/backlight on your teammates. You will get them shot!

    4) If you shoot someone and he responds with a loud ow, apologize > we play to have fun, not to hurt each other. Try to aim center mass and not the head

    5) When you get hit, yell it loud and proud or you may get shot again

    6) Don't be a dick, Honour and Respect the Players and the Game

    7) DO NOT SHOOT at any fix/static light post/stand. If it's a prop to be used, do not damage it!

    8) For knife silent kills, don't slash at your opponent. A simple tap on the shoulder and quiet saying "Knife Kill" will do

    9) Lasers > only use on static objects, not on people. You can potentially blind a person

    Tips To Play/Items To Bring (Especially if this is your first night game)
    1) Wear only clear glasses/goggles. Don't bring yellow or tinted lenses. You will be blind in the field. Do bring face pro too

    2) Go slow, watch your step! You may fall down and roll forward

    3) Have a head lamp/light for gearing up/down in your car. Makes your life easier vs using 1 hand with a flashlight looking for your gear

    4) Wear camo. All black will make you stand out more in the shadows in the dark

    5) For nod guys, throw use glowstick on your enemies. Glowsticks will illuminate the areas

    6) For vs nod guys, use mounted flash lights. It can block their visions temporarily

    7) Wear ankle boots. You never know you might twist your ankle

    8) In your team, set up a password so you don't accidentally shoot your friendlies

    9) Radios can be handy but use a headset to not give away your position and turn off the beeping sound

    10) Learn ghost walking > See Optix for instructions

    11) Oh yeah, if someone uses their high lumens flashlight on your nods, don't get mad. You're using your gear at your own risk

    12) On that note, friendly fire may happen! Remember it's a game! You can do better in the next round

    13) Try to use low/mid capacity magazine. In the dark/still sound, hicap bbs shakes you can hear a mile away

    14) Play safe, don't take unnecessary risks

    15) End of each game, shake hands with your opponent/teammate, pat on the back saying good job/we'll do better next round

    16) Say Hello to Optix/Field Marshals. Share your feedback and suggestions/ideas you think of throughout the evening

    Other Items
    1) BBs, Gas & Barrel Bags will be available for purchase at the beginning

    2) Last call for registration will be 8:00PM

    3) Tracers rounds and Nods are permitted for use (No restrictions)

    4) Lasers & IR Lasers are permitted for use (only use it against static objects)

    Any questions, post it up here and I'll try to answer soonest possible.

    Julian aka Optix
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    bump! Upcoming 1st week August

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    Bump! Night game incoming!

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