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Thread: New Team Vancouver Rifles Regiment

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    New Team Vancouver Rifles Regiment

    The Vancouver Rifles Regiment is a new group created for the purpose of recreating a Canadian forces reserve unit during the 1990's, we are based in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area.

    To receive info/inquire about membership about out group please contact the following
    We play at Panther Airsoft & Ambush Paintball in Surrey.

    The Vancouver Rifles Regiment, or " VRR" as we like to call it, is an fictional regiment, we provide a unique and exciting blend of reenactment and military simulation that provides a friendly and organized leadership group with years of knowledge in all forms of airsoft and organizing/hosting community events. The VRR is open to anybody interested in playing airsoft and has strict requirements.

    GOAL: Recruit a 'some' dedicated players to expand our overall team into BC, focusing on the Greater Vancouver area, and build a local section. Looking for about 6 or 10 players, new or experienced, who want to step up and play monthly as well as hit a few large scale events. Basically we want to keep it relatively small to start.
    Our team is open to players of all ages, male or female, from throughout the province.

    - Weapons
    Primary: C7 or C7A1 rifle (Basically an M16 with the C79 Scope mounted on top)
    Note: You will need appropriate magazines, at least five or six (no high caps, drum mags, etc), as well as batteries, sights, a charger, ammo, etc, and of course upgrades. Your gun needs to shoot straight and be reliable. Also a case to carry it safely and legally.
    Some changes can happen with time in and experience with the weapon system

    Secondary: if you are able to get it any version of the Browning Hi-Power same rules as above.

    Melee: Any version of the M7 bayonet, must have either a flexible rubber or compressed foam blade, as long as it is safe for use. Obviously nothing sharp, stiff or ridiculous.

    - Gear
    BDUs: Must be Canadian forces Olive Drab uniform(1963-2001), top and bottom. Recommended that one buys O.D Green knee pads. .

    Headwear: The Combat Cap (also called Combat Hat or Bush Cap) It is an olive drab coloured cotton hat, worn with the brim down, or less commonly seen, folded up "Robin Hood" style.
    we also use the M1 Helmet with the American Woodland Pattern camouflage cover and a Type 1 chinstrap.

    Boots: Recommended as one of your first purchases. We require Black combat boots that have at least 6" ankle support.
    Note: Dry and warm feet are a life saver. Many players own multiple pairs of boots.

    Gloves: Another cheaper purchase, but an important one. Gloves can be any color except bright ones, and must have good palm/finger sensation, so nothing thick or heavy.

    Webbing: we run the 82 pattern webbing, not vests or plate carriers or tactical purses. Pouches and such must also conform to the same system,Here's a relatively complete list of what you'll need in order of importance.
    -Magazine pouches (C7/C1)
    -Canteen pouch (1 liter OD canteen)
    -Storage/Butt pouches (for food, ammo, rain gear, etc)
    -Yolk ( holds your belt to you)
    -Belt ( be sure to get one that fits around you as they come in differing sizes)
    -Holster( if pistol is owned)
    -Bayonet(Complete with Sheath, frog and Bayonet)

    Eyewear: obviously your first or second purchase overall. Eyewear needs to be comfortable and safe, not to mention anti-fog. Take into account that most places require you have full seal ballistic or paintball goggles to even play. We of course recommend ballistic with good airflow or fans, and a spare set never hurt anyone. The important thing is that your eyes are fully protected. If your eyewear is not adequate, we will not allow it, neither will any field.

    - Safety
    Barrel condom: Most places of play will require a proper barrel condom. They will not accept a sock or plug, you will have to buy the right barrier device, luckily they are cheap.

    Dead Rag: Basically a cheap, bright red or orange cloth is best. Most places require that you have this to play. A rag about 12" by 12" can be used, but may also blow away or get lost easier.

    What we require:
    Willingness to have fun and challenge yourself physically.
    Cooperation and ability to follow a few simple rules.

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    Is this place still active? Are you taking in new members? I'm dying to join a group like this so I can have some regular airsoft fun.

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