This was goggles gun, great shooter but I am looking to do a russian impression, so it is back on the market
King Arms full metal M4 with Magpuls Upgraded Internals:
Stock King Arms Gearbox
Guarder M110 Spring (397-400 FPS, which is consistent)
Guarder Piston, Piston Head and Cylinder Head
Guarder Cutoff Lever
Sorbo Buddy to correct AOE (And prevent Gearbox Cracking)
Brass Air Nozzle
LCT Switch Assembly
King Arms Motor (Stock)
Stock Hop Up Chamber
Guarder Inner Barrel
Prometheus Bucking and Nub
Front Wired with Deans work done by previous owner. Looking for 300 obo Also have a Cyma AK Spetznaz which i can through in for the right price or trade. Proffered trades of interests, AK's, VSS, RPK's, Bring russian gear as well!