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Thread: FS/FT: Classic Army M249 SAW MkII RAS

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    FS/FT: Classic Army M249 SAW MkII RAS

    Selling/Trading a Classic Army M249. Bought it new, only gamed two or three times, invested a good bit of coin into it. It performs really well in the field and its quite light for a gun of this size due to the aluminum build with a few steel parts. This gun has never failed and has always performed well for me in the field. This is a great gun as it performs well, it also has a bonus in that its a LMG and it helps in intimidating the enemy. If you want to have a lot of fun in the field this is for you, or if fun isn't your suit then this is also a great gun to support your teammates in game. I will be selling this as a package as I have no need for the M249 related items without the gun.


    This will include:

    Classic Army M249 SAW Mk2 RAS
    Original Outer Barrel extension
    Original Long Inner barrel
    Original Spring (Prometheus M110 Installed currently)
    Original Classic Army Bipod
    G&P M249 Steel Bipod (Retails for 70)
    Pantac M249 Sling
    2 Mag Brand Box Mags Auscam & Woodland (Retail for 130 each)
    2 Pantac Box Mag Pouches
    A belt of 5.56 dummy rounds (For the mags)

    Willing to trade, asking price $800 OBO. Negotiating encouraged.

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    willing to sell a box mag, dont know why they would sell a m249 pera with a full size box mag. could even trade for my 3000 round box. gamed twice. love the 2 barrel set up.

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