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Thread: Big gear sale!!

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    Big gear sale!!

    I have a ton of gear to sell! I will be at panther on Sunday with all of it for anyone to try or see.

    I have an HSGI warlord chest rig for ~$100 obo
    HSGI wasatch plate carrier for ~$100 obo
    I have a ton of mag pouches, gear pouches, holsters etc for anywhere between 5-15$

    Don't miss this! If you can't make it to the game and want pics, my email is I will also post pics on here for anyone looking for specific items in the next couple days. It's all soft goods, no rifle internals or anything like that. Pics will be posted soon as I said, and feel free to ask questions on here!

    See you at the field

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    I'll post some pics tonight on my return from the game for those who cant make it! Juicy I believe its the V2 Bravo, but I'll get you a pic asap

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