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Thread: For Sale - M933 / M4 Parts

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    For Sale - AR Parts

    For Sale:

    5. Ampoint $40
    Aimpoint clone with mount, flip up covers, and lens protector.

    7. Unknown LE stock and buffer tube $5
    Screw it comes with is too short to work with TM compatible AEGs. Might work with split mechbox designs?

    8a. Magpul clone MOE handguard $30

    Cash, EMT, or trade. Prices negotiable if you buy multiple items. Buyer pays shipping. Priority to locals and those who buy multiple items.
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    Can you email me pictures of the aimpoint and the m4 body? My email is

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    Sold Items:

    1. A&K flat top M4 metal body $100 - SOLD
    No external trades, so you can engrave your own. Included furniture are mag catch, bolt catch, dust cover, forward assist, selector switch, and trigger guard.

    2. VFC V2 complete mechbox $100 - SOLD
    Front wired with home made mosfet and deans connector. TM selector plate. M120 spring.

    3. TM M733 front end $30 - SOLD
    Two piece barrel epoxied to prevent coming loose. Flash hider, triangle sight, handguard, collar, delta ring, fake gas tube.

    4. TM M4 LE stock and buffer tube $30 - SOLD
    Includes mounting screw and washer.

    6. M16 front pieces $60 - SOLD
    Madbull M16 one piece outer barrel (too big to fit receiver I'm selling below). Systema handguard. Triangle collar.

    8b. Magpul clone MOE stock $30 - SOLD

    9. Metal M4 upper receiver $20 - SOLD
    Forward assist and dust cover. I think it's G&G, but not positive.
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    Hey, if you can meet today between 4-6pm or tomorrow I'll give you $30 for that upper receiver

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    I'll take the m4 upper receiver if you still have it
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