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Thread: A Lot of Stuff For Sale

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    A Lot of Stuff For Sale

    Any of the following is for sale or trade.



    Marked in RED is Gone

    DYTAC Troy 9" Tubular Rail
    King Arms Hop up chamber
    King Arms 6.08 M4 length barrel
    King Arms M4 V2 Gearbox (Missing Connector)
    CYMA V3 AK Gearbox
    King Arms stock Long Motor
    Lonex A5 Short Motor
    Lonex M120 Spring
    VFC M120 Spring
    M4 Full Metal Carry Handle
    Carry Handle Rail Attachment
    M4 Front Iron sight/gasblock + Gas tube
    M4 Handguard
    M4 Barrel Extension
    2.5cm Scope rings x2
    Madbull Model A Tactical Charging Handle
    Full metal M4 Charging Handle
    AKS74U Flash hider
    AKS74U Flash hider adapter to 14mm-
    M4 Barrel Mounted Sling Swivel
    SCAR Styled Suppressor (Mounts onto SCAR Flashider)
    SCAR Flashider
    REAL PTS M4 Handguard
    G&G LR300 Styled Folding and Retractable Stock
    M4 MotorGrip
    Larue Index Clips
    King Arms Full Metal Lower Receiver
    M4 LE Retractable Stock
    Harris Styled Bipod (Worn, selling for cheap)
    M4 Receiver plate
    M4 Sling plate
    Rhino Sights (IMO Better than MBUIS sights due to backup Pistol Sights)
    T1 Aimpoint

    Not shown:

    2 Bags of .25 Match Grade Madbull BBs
    Classic Army M249 Bipod
    G&P Steel M249 Bipod
    .556 M249 belt
    Rubber Training Knife
    RIS QD Swing Swivel
    AirsoftGI Limited Edition Olive Drab Tactical Cap
    Magpul Magpull (Black)
    MGC M93R Raffica

    Interested in trading for the following:

    Bowman Headset
    Sordins Headset
    Elcan M145/C79
    Elcan Spectre DR
    OD Molle Chest Rig
    OD Molle Lightweight Plate Carrier
    Tactical Gear in OD
    Standalone Grenade launcher
    Motorola Talkabout
    Airsoft Guns
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    How much for the magpul handguard and T1 aimpoint?

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    How much for the Silencers ?

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    Really willing to sell or trade for anything airsoft related! Offer up!

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    I'm intrested in the motors and springs, what kind are they? What kind of hopup unit is that?

    How much do you want for that T1 aimpoint, the ris sling swivel and those magpul style back up iron sights?

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    Hey i'm pretty interested in that suppressor. Would you happen to know if it's an AAC brand?
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    how much for the v2 gearbox?

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    Looking for a Eotech 552/553!

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    How much for the metal lower and the rhino sights.

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