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Thread: converting a gas sniper to HPA

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    converting a gas sniper to HPA

    has anyone done this, is it hard, tips pointers guide etc.
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    If you're talking about a gas in mag system... no, its not hard. All you have to do is tap the mags for your quick connects and hook up your air rig. This can be done for any gas in mag system but requires disconnecting the air line, dropping the mag, swapping a fresh one and reconnecting the air line. That is why you won't usually see it done on a standard GBBRs or pistols.

    If you are talking about a gas cylinder kit for a spring rifle it can get a bit more complicated due to the cylinders rotating with the bolt and the placement of your air line. Still can be done though.

    Micro quick connects can be purchased at McMaster-Carr ( There are several guides around the interwebs which will walk you through the process of drilling and tapping mags for HPA.

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