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Thread: Masada for trade or maybe sell

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    Masada for trade or maybe sell

    I have a A&K Masada for trade or maybe sell (if i get a good price) but mainly trade. It comes with 2 PMAG mid caps, and 1 high cap. It will also come with MOE foregrip, original front flip up and back iron sights, and a Vltor silencer. I upgraded the hop up to wii tech and i put in an extended barrel that goes into the silencer. I also have front and rear MBUS sights and an EOtech, and an EOtech Magnifier if i get a good trade. I might or might not add cash depending.

    Gun 1.jpgGun 2.jpggun 3.jpggun 4.jpg
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    what are you looking to trade for?

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    Any other like custom gun or anything just try me basically

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