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    ASG Workshop Night #2 October 26, 2013 @ 8pm
    Hey Everybody! We're announcing our First Workshop Nights. The curriculum for the night is Gearboxes. It's gonna be all about the basics. We'll teach you how to be more precise and effective at maintaining your AEGs'.We will be offering a split courses that will be focusing on gearboxes and upgrades respectfully.

    We'll be focusing on 4 major points for our Gearbox course:

    1. Building a knowledge base of the main components
    2. Gearbox Functions
    3. Dis-assembly
    4. Re- assembly

    For our upgrades course we'll be focusing on these major points:

    1. In depth analysis on the major components
    2. breaking down misconceptions and myths
    3. proper installation of after market parts
    4. How to troubleshoot issues

    Now It's Recommended you bring your own Gearbox and tools to work on. As we have a limited supply.

    Date & Time: Saturday October 26, 2013 @ 8pm

    Location: Airsoft Gear @ 8060 Anderson Road, Richmond, BC

    Admission: $40

    Below is a general breakdown of what the night will be like. Expect some changes to this sections as we go along. Keep in mind please bring your own tools because we won't have enough for everyone. For any questions or inquires please contact ASG. We'll only be take 10 people per session so if you miss it. There will be additional classes you can attend.


    ASG Workshop Course

    General outline:

    • Build up and strengthen Airsoft community
    • Expand knowledge base for all players regardless of skill level
    • Encourage players to be more active with gun maintenance
    • Ease anxiety of working on internals and build confidence
    • V2 M4 Gearbox (complete)
    • Hammer
    • Tweezers
    • Punch pin
    • Screw driver
    • Hex key set
    • Grease
    • Roll of tape
    • Tech Mat

    Course time: 90 Minutes

    Course Structure

    • Introduce instructor and fellow students
    • Explain course criteria and expectations
    Section A
    • “How does it work” explanation of the gearbox
    • Familiarize with main components of the gearbox
    • Brief explanation of major parts and their uses

    Section B
    • Demo a working gearbox with references to each part
    • Demo parts placement with an open gear box.
    Section C
    • Break down a gear box
    • Tips and Tricks to ease stress on gearbox & components
    • Learn proper techniques so as to maximize efficiency with disassembly
    • Effective uses of tools and resources
    Section D
    • Practice proper maintenance
    • Highlight critical points
    • Demonstrate air seal check
    Section E
    • Reconstruct gear box
    • Combine all techniques and demonstrate effective use
    • Follow up with function testing gearbox
    • Conclude lesson
    Section F
    • Bonus time for Q&A
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    Hey Everybody! We're announcing our First Workshop Nights. The curriculum for the night is Gearboxes. It's gonna be all about the basics.

    We'll be focusing on 4 major points:
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    Hey Airsofters!

    We've got some exciting news! We're hosting a MAJOR NIGHT EVENT Saturday the 21th! OPERATION: SALADBOWL! We've got some big plans for this one. This will be a night to ...
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    Update on operation on 10/8/13:

    Mission directive is to assault and capture Captain Optix. Mission commences at 2000.
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    Attention Airsofters! Just another reminder that the final cut-off date for Operation Iceback is on August 11th! Only 4 days away! So sign up if you haven't already!!!
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    Hey everybody! This weeks winner is Ryan Wilmink! Congrats buddy enjoy yo points! ...
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    When comes to participating in Milsims,I'm all for them. I am an Airsofter for that very reason. There is nothing quite as exciting,thrilling and scary as a great Milsim. A huge portion of playing a Milsim ...
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