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  1. Hi Luke,

    Personal favourite rig set-up for running AK so far would be running RRV-style chest rig with bib folded down and 2-5 velcro-lid double M4 mag pouches (fold flap inwards on itself, and they hold and retain an AK mag just great). Add utility/radio/general purpose pouches as you want from there.

    Lightweight and practical set up for a fairly affordable cost... and it looks cool. See Julian's chest rig set up next time he wears it - that's the one I put together.

    You can go full Condor if you would like - Condor does make a Modular Chest Rig (MCR1 is the code from Condor's website if I remember correctly) that is a RRV clone that features pretty darn good quality for a low price. The Condor M4 mag pouches with the velcro lids have tighter bungee around the pouch itself, so they do retain AK mags much better than pouches from Pantac, Flyye, Eagle, in my experience.

    AK upgrades... uhhhhhhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmmmm - depends what look you want and how you want your AK to perform?

  2. Hey Jon, I remember you saying a while back that you were somewhat of an AK purist.

    I just picked up an Echo 1 AK 74s Redstar for Wolverine and wanted to get your opinions how to run an AK setup.

    I've been using an HK416 for the past year and what to try out a different type of loadout than the usual plate carrier and open top pouches.

    Got any opinions on AK loadouts and upgrades?
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