• Upcoming Evening Event: Operation Salad Bowl September 21 2013

    Hey Airsofters!

    We've got some exciting news! We're hosting a MAJOR NIGHT EVENT Saturday the 21th! OPERATION: SALADBOWL! We've got some big plans for this one. This will be a night to remember, you'll be recalling this memory for the rest of your life! Bring your A game cause this battle will push you to your limits. We're gonna keep you on the edge of your nerves and Spartan kick you over! Get your friends, teammates, partners, possibly significant others because you're gonna need all the help you can get!

    Ready up and be ready to move out! See you on the battle Field!

    P.S We've got Artillery Strikes. Yes you read that right.

    Stay tuned for further updates!

    - ASG