• Another Normal Day at ASG

    Hello one and all!

    Another fine and cloudy Thursday. A definite plus over the week of fog we had last week.

    Our 40% sale is still on going. Come in and grab what you want before we're sold out! Once it's gone, it's gone! No better time than now to pick up additional MOLLE gear, magazines (limited quantity), and other accessories for your gun and gear!

    Sunday's current weather forecast looks to be cloudy with sporadic bouts of sun, with a chance of either rain or snow flurries in the afternoon. Hopefully we'll be lucky and we get neither!

    See you guys Sunday!
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    1. danny's Avatar
      danny -
      are all slings and shemaghs 40% off>?
    1. Optix's Avatar
      Optix -
      hey danny

      slings are 40% off

      shemaghs are are regular price of $14.99
    1. danny's Avatar
      danny -
      And how about vests and combat clothing/apparel