• Game Day Rules

    Safety is our primary concern at Airsoft Gear Game Days.

    Here are our regulations, please respect these.

    Failure to do so will result in automatic ejection from Game Days, and/or a temporary/permanent suspension will be enforced depending on the severity of regulation infractions.

    Mandatory Equipment
    You must be wearing eligible eye protection to enter the field at any ASG event.
    Acceptable eye protection varies at different fields.

    Richmond Indoor
    -Paintball Goggles (ASTM F1776-09)
    -Ballistic Goggles / Glasses

    Ambush Paintball
    -Paintball Goggles (ASTM F1776-09)
    -Ballistic Goggles / Glasses

    Tsawwassen Paintball
    -Paintball Goggles (ASTM F1776-09)
    -Ballistic Goggles / Glasses

    Panther Paintball
    -Paintball Goggles ONLY (ASTM F1776-09)

    Barrel Condoms
    Barrel Condoms are mandatory.
    These must be equipped to any airsoft gun you own when entering a safe zone.
    Socks, gloves, etc are NOT acceptable replacements.
    Barrel Condoms can be purchased for $10 at any ASG event, ASG store or paintball shop.

    Goggles and Eye Protection
    When you have entered the field, DO NOT remove your eye protection from your eyes.
    If you experience fogging or discomfort, please exit the field into a safe zone before removing your goggles.

    To avoid foggy goggles:

    -Breathe through your mouth instead of nose.
    -Remove any article of apparel that may redirect your breath into your goggle lens'.
    -Avoid staying still in the same position for longer than a few seconds.
    -Application of anti-fog solutions overnight will help reduce some fogging.

    Gun Safe
    If you witness any player sustaining a serious injury (broken bones, major lacerations, etc), yell out "GUN SAFE".

    If you hear "GUN SAFE" being yelled, immediately reverberate "GUN SAFE" to nearby players.

    When a GUN SAFE is in place, unload all your guns, equip barrel condoms to create a safe environment until the injured person(s) are evacuated from the field area.

    Do NOT call GUN SAFE to clean your goggles.

    The Safe Zone
    The safe zone will usually be designated at the field's parking lot.
    Please exercise extra caution in this area, as eye protection is not required in the safe zone.

    -Remove magazines from all your airsoft guns.
    -Engage the fire select on your airsoft gun to SAFE.
    -Attach a barrel condom to your gun. (Do NOT use gloves or socks, etc)
    -Do NOT dryfire your guns in the safe zone.
    -When walking around with your gun, please keep your finger safely off the trigger.

    Kill Etiquette
    When you are HIT by an enemy player:
    -Yell HIT loudly, to notify players you are dead.
    -Wave or equip a bright red bandana.

    When you are HIT by a friendly player:
    -Identify the friendly and walk over to him/her.
    -Inform them that they have committed friendly-fire
    -Both you and the shooter are now dead, proceed as dead players.

    When your gun is HIT:
    -Yell GUN HIT loudly.
    -This gun cannot be used until you respawn or a new round begins, whichever comes first.
    -If you do not have a secondary gun, you are dead, in this case, yell HIT.

    While you are dead:
    -Do not signal or gesture to teammates on battlefield positions.
    -Remain silent. Dead men don't talk.

    If you strongly suspect a player is cheating and is not calling his/her hits:
    -Do not confront him/her yourself, identify the offender to an admin.

    If you are suspected of cheating:
    -You will be ejected from the game day.
    -You will receive no compensation or refunds for fees already paid.
    -You will be permanently banned from ASG games.
    -You will be reported to other airsoft clubs in Canada as a cheater.
    -At this point, please continue to responsibly own or sell your airsoft equipment.

    Velocity Limits and Minimum Engagement Distance (MED)
    At Airsoft Gear games, we thrive to provide players with a fun and safe (mostly) experience.
    This being said, we must impose velocity limits on airsoft guns used at our games.

    Velocity and MED rules are strictly enforced.
    Deliberate infractions of these rules will result in ejection from game events and temporary suspension from ASG games.

    > The FPS limit is based on guns shooting 0.2g BBs with hopup OFF.

    Full Auto
    -Up to 400 FPS Limit
    -If over 330 FPS, must be further than 40 feet (12 meters) from target player.

    Semi Auto
    -Up to 450 FPS Limit
    -If over 400 FPS, must be further than 60 feet (18 meters) from target player.

    Bolt Action Rifle
    -Does not include Pump Action or Lever Action, both will adhere to Semi Auto rules.
    -Up to 500 FPS Limit
    -If over 400 FPS, must be further than 60 feet (18 meters) from target player.
    -If over 450 FPS, must be further than 80 feet (24 meters) from target player.

    -Preferred up to 330 FPS
    -Sidearms over 330 FPS will be not be allowed in CQB situations. Please think over this carefully when selecting power upgrades for sidearms.

    Engagement Rules
    -Please do not deliberately aim for player faces. No one wants to walk into the office as a pizza on Monday.
    -If the player is only peeking his head out, he is fair game.

    Blind Fire
    -Do NOT blindly fire your gun in any general direction.
    -You must be able to see where your BB's are flying.
    -Again, do NOT fire your gun over cover when you cannot clearly see the trajectory of your shots.
    -Anyone seen doing this will be ejected from game events for breach of safety.

    Mercy & Knife Kills
    When you are directly behind an enemy player, within 3 meters, you may issue a "MERCY" command to the enemy player.

    -Do not challenge MERCY commands when the enemy is within 3 meters behind you, you are already dead.

    When you are beside an enemy player, you may issue a MERCY command to the enemy player.

    -You may challenge the MERCY if it is beside you, however, you will almost always be at a substantial disadvantage in this situation.

    When you sneak up on an enemy player, you may use a rubber or training knife to lightly tap the enemy player.

    -This results in an instant kill.
    -Do not yell HIT when you are killed by a melee weapon.
    -Do NOT bring ANY hard melee weapons on the field. (eg. sharp or metal knives/hammers/etc)