View Full Version : Crye CPC with Assault Panel

07-07-2014, 08:42 PM
For sale is my Medium Multicam Crye CPC. Selling because new car parts aren't cheap. I also haven't played in more than a year.

This has NEVER been gamed by me. Hasn't left a closet in over a year. If anyone is on other gear forums, this was previously owned by "Flectarn" of DEVTSIX in California.

Condition wise, it's 9/10. MOLLE panels in the front have been opened by me putting flex cuffs in them and slight fading from the previous owners use. INCLUDES CRYE ZIP ON ASSAULT PANEL (I bought separately). I had a seamstress remove the elastic from the top parts of the assault panel in order to fit 2 thunder B's in each pocket. Nothing else has been changed.

On gear forums these have been selling for $700-850 in conditions worse than mine, without the assault panel, plus shipping.

My asking price is $750 OBO CASH. I'll include some pouches of varying brands as well (not fake brands).

Pictured, but not included in sale are the fake plates and mags.