View Full Version : Cyma mp5k pdw

Sunny D
01-30-2014, 04:50 PM
Asking $350

I haven't been using his for quite some time now so I don't see the need to keep it. Internals are pretty much stock except for the piston and motor. Externals are still in great shape. There's a few minor cosmetic issues but nothing that effects the performance.


Package includes:
-Rail system
-Extra foregrip
-Silencer adapter
-An adapter for M4 buffer tubes so you can uses M4 stocks (modded so you can rewire the AEG to the rear)
-6 midcap mags and 1 highcap mag
-mag shaped BB bottle
-9.6 volt battery
-mag insert for plate carriers
-2 Condor triple mag pouches

I could also add in some upgrade parts that I have kicking around. Not looking to part anything out or to trade.

PM if interested or for info.