View Full Version : Kjw p226 fs 200 $

01-13-2014, 12:13 AM
I have a KJW P226 for sale, it comes with 4 CO2 mags (Original Green Gas Mag if you really want it, but it's broken), a hardshell holster & an under-rail 150 Lumens Interchangeable Lens Flashlight . That's a value of 435 $ for 220 $! If you don't believe me:
KJW P226 : 170 $
4 CO2 Mags : 160 $
Hardshell Holster : 60 $
Flashlight : 45 $

Go ahead and price it out yourself if you want too.

PM me if interested and for pics as well.

*Functions fully, if you need proof please visit my YT page, search for Liam Formosa for a video of me playing with it, and another will be uploaded tuesday*

Thanks guys,