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10-02-2013, 12:58 PM
Hey all,

For those who do know, I really like using Russian Rifles (the muddier they get, the cooler they ultimately look) and because of that, I want to get a few more. Yes, the LCT AIMS rifles is my next purchase when I get around to throwing money into the pot. So because of that, I want to trim down the fat in my collection, of rifles I rarely give game time to. So unfortunately, I'm selling off my Magpul PTS Masada (CQB variant), Lynn to get my Russian Fix going. She's served me well, but I've moved onto other interests (AK rifles).

What you see below is after all the upgrades (I knew how badly they shot out of the box, so I took the liberty of throwing in some parts inside to make sure when I gamed it, it performed), and of course, a paint job I did before I left off on vacation. Did so to kill time really... who would've thought.

If you want, you can scrub it off since I only put a few light coats of Krylon on it.

Inside right now, I threw in a 300mm Prometheus Barrel (from Andrea's), a Prometheus Bucking with a Wii Tech Chamber (I still have the old chamber if you want to run the adjustor kit instead from Wii Tech). Wii Tech Air Nozzle, Guarder Piston and Piston Head, along the Cylinder Head as well.

Threw in a lower grade spring (shoots roughly around 350-360), and with a GP1000 Hi Torque Motor, you get as close to PTW Trigger Response as I've ever gotten to. With .28's, I've been able to throw bb's roughly around ~180 Feet out effectively. Unfortunately, this purchase does not come with mags, but it can take any M4 mag (as far as I know), so you should be able to find them relatively easily. Wired to Deans.

Another thing to note is that I put on a Magpul PTS flash hider if you want to install the PTS Silencers for longer inner barrels, and I also installed a PTS One Point Sling Attachment. Also has the Rear MBUS sight
with the rifle.

I'm firm on the price, but if you are reasonable to deal with, I might give you a 11.1 Deans Battery with the purchase, and other things... if you're reasonable. The red dot seen in this post is not included in the purchase, sorry. I do make runs out to Airsoft Gear in Richmond every now and again, so if you would like to check out the rifle, feel free to meet me there, or at my place in Surrey.

10-02-2013, 11:24 PM

Cheers everyone!